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Les Muses - Cabernet Sauvignon (Oak Aged)£12.99
Les Muses is made entirely from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from the Diren Vineyards in Tokat, an area where Cabernet Sauvignon gians a delicate and complex character. Les Muses grapes has been meticulously hand-picked, processed in the same area and matured in oak barrels for 18 months.
Mahlep - Gift Boxed£9.99
Mahlep... Our discovery, exclusively from TasteTurkey...
Mahlep is a fortified wine produced from fruits of mahaleb(wild Cheery) for this unique beverage produced by Diren Winery. Mahaleb fruits are grown on mountains in the Tokat region, known for its aphrodisiac effect, also used for its medicinal properties and in food. Enjoyed as an apéritif with snacks and appetizers before meals and with Turkish coffee after meals.

Prodom - Syrah / Cabernet Franc / Petit Verdot (New)£21.99
EXCLUSIVE TO TASTETURKEY From the Boutique winery of Gidatay in Aydin.

This multiply award winning wine is a lovely deep ruby colour with hints of cacao. Mint, black cherry and plum aromas on the nose, the palate has good density of finely textured plum and fruity tannin that is well-balanced. The finish is long and spicy, a complex yet elegant full bodied quality wine.
Diren Collection Series - Boğazkere£7.79
Boğazkere is a local variety growing on the south slopes of Toros Mountains, the northern border of the ancient Uptown Mesopotamia. This grape makes a very tannic wine with blackberry flavors. Cabernet Sauvignon brings the body and Kalecik Karası, freshness and fruity flavours. This blend should be drunk between 16 and 18 degrees, served with beef, spicy foods, cheeses, sweet and sour meals.
Diren Collection Series - Kalecik Karasi £7.79
This wine mainly made from the local variety “Kalecik Karası” is blended with a hint of Syrah and Boğazkere.
Kalecik Karası is an elegant wine with fruity flavors like cherry, strawberry and structured by the tannins of Boğazkere also bodied by the roundness of Syrah.
The ideal drinking temperature is between 14 and 16 degrees.
The Kalecik Karası matches well with fishes, lamb, cheeses and white meats.
Diren Collection Series - Merlot£7.79
Made from grapes grown in Manisa region, coming from a small area with a microclimate and maintains the fresh aroma of red fruits with a hint of banana. İn the mouth it is lightly oaked with a round and well-balanced structure.
Collection Merlot pairs well with a variety of foods, grilled and saıcy meats, white meat, pastas with tomato or pesto sauce, pizzas with meat and cheese topping. It is best drunk between 14 and 18 degrees.
Diren Collection Series - Öküzgözü £7.79
This wine is mainly made from Öküzgözü grapes, a local variety from Eastern Anatolia blended with Cabernet Sauvignon from Aegean region.
Öküzgözü has a fresh, lively, structured wine with cherry and raspberry flavours. The Cabernet Sauvignon brings roundness and body. This is an interesting new taste to discover.
Serve at between 14 and 16 degrees
Recommended with lamb, rabbit, duck, pigeon and cheeses.
Diren Collection Series - Syrah£7.79
This wine is mainly produced from Syrah grapes which has a dark purple colour; spice, blackberry and violet flavours beside a hint of oak and a large, round mouth.
Cabernet Sauvignon adds some structure and Kalecik Karası the elegance, acidity and fruitiness.
This wine should be drunk between 16 and 18 degrees.
Recommended with beef, lamb, cheeses, chocolate, oriental food.
Diren Karmen Series - Red£6.79
This wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Öküzgözü and Boğazkere. Öküzgözü grape is grown in Elazığ region near the Euphrates River bringing freshness and flavor like raspberry and cherry. Boğazkere grape is grown on the southern slopes of Toros Mountains facing the high Mesopotamia plateau bringing structure with strong tannins and flavors like blackberry and sour cherry. Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are grown in Aegean region on a limestone plateau bringing roundness, balance and black fruits flavors. This wine will be served between 14 and 16 degrees beside grilled red and white meats and cheeses.
Karmen Selection Red£10.99
Karmen Selecton Red is a blend of the most exclusive Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Bogazkere grapes in Denizli regon.
Karmen Selecton Red has blackberry, almond, cherry and roasted peanut notes and perfectly matches with dipped veal and game meats.
Pamukkale Wine Selection£123.88
Normally £129.88 offer price £123.88
A great mixed case of 12 (2x6) Pamukkale wines consisting
2x Anfora Trio Red, 2x Anfora Kalecik Karasi, 2x Anfora Öküzgözü & Boğazkere, 2x Anfora Trio White, 2x Anfora Sauvignon Blanc, 2x Anfora Trio Rose.
Senfoni (Pamukkale) Series - Red£7.79
This red wine is a blend of local varieties from the region of Güney. Shiraz, Merlot, Kalecik Karasi, Bogazkere.

It has a good balance and displays red fruit flavours and matches well with all kinds of grilled meat and cheese.
to be served at 14-16 degrees.
Anfora (Pamukkale) Cabernet Sauvignon £11.99
This Wine is made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from Guney. Denizli. The nose is a deep blend of greenpepper, tobacco, nuts and black fruits whilst the palate is round rich with good tannins.
Anfora (Pamukkale) Kalecik Karasi£13.99
This wine is made from Kalecik Karasi grapes from Güney, Denizli, Anfora Kalecik Karasi has a bunch of aroma like cherry, raspberry and banana in a round velvety well balanced mouth with a long and elegant finish. This wine should be served at 16-18 degrees and matches well with Mediterranean fishes, fish soups, poultries, veal or pork.
Anfora (Pamukkale) Öküzgözü & Boğazkere£9.99
This wine is made from native red grape varieties Öküzgözü and Boğazkere grown in the Guney-Denizli vineyard. It has cherry and raspberry flavours from the Öküzgözü, with a woody wild blackberry flavour, juniper berries and sandalwood from the Bogazkere.
It is lively in the mouth with good acidity and fresh tannins. It is well structured with a long finish.

Anfora Trio (Pamukkale) Red £9.99
This wine is made from Shiraz, Kalecik Karasi and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from Güney & Denizli. Anfora Trio Dry red displays aromas like cinnamon, strawberry, tobacco, cherry and green pepper. It has a velvety, round, lively well balanced mouth. And is best served at 16-18 degrees with grilled beef, roasted or grilled poultries, pasta with Bolognese sauce or pizza with cheese & meat.
Barudi Syrah - NEW£8.49
EXCLUSIVE TO TASTETURKEY From the Boutique winery of Gidatay in Aydin.

A dark ruby balsamic colour with black fruit aromas, dominated by blueberry, blackcurrant and white pepper. The palate has a concentrated structure that presents the spicy and fresh characteristic of the Syrah grapes, with delicate tannins and a pleasant finish.
Büyülübağ Cabernet Sauvignon (New)£13.99
In the dark burgundy color. The nose and palate of ripe black cherry, with light soil and menthol associative bouquet. Light-bodied, spicy, made ​​a full palate and rich red. Better and better if you rest for 2-3 years. Steak wine.

Produced from vineyards on the island with the natural flow method aged 12 months in French oak barrels. 13.5 degrees alcohol.
Büyülübağ Shah (NEW)£17.49
A powerful and balanced structure with this Büyülübağ Shah, it has a nose of dark chocolate, black berries and licorice.
Spices on the palate, with a long and lasting impact with black olives and dried figs-ripe plum flavors
Büyülübağ Vedat Milor Öküzgözü Boğazkere (NEW)£10.49
This wine has a powerful aromatic bouquet dominated by aniseed, grinded fresh whole black peppercorn and prune. Long finish with exotic spices and a strong texture.
Diren Collection Series - Cabernet Sauvignon£7.79
Cabernet Sauvignon with a touch of Syrah from Denizli and Boğazkere from the Diyarbakır region.
This wine is best drunk between 16 and 18 degrees.
Recommended with beef, grilled meat, and especially spicy meals.
Diren Collection Series- Öküzgözü Boğazkere£7.79
A typical Turkish coupage, made from Öküzgözü grown in Elazig and Boğazkere grown in Diyarbakir. It has cherry and strawberry flavours from Öküzgözü combined with wild blackberry flavours from Boğazkere.
Lively in the mouth with good acidity, fresh tannin's and round body. It has a medium structure with a fruity long finish.
Doluca Antik Series - Boğazkere/Shiraz£8.49
Antik Red is a luscious blend of three different varieties, acquiring its rich body from Boğazkere, its fruity taste and smooth texture from Gamay and its balanced structure from Cinsault. It is aged in our cellars for two years upon completing 8 months in French oak barrels to attain its characteristic rich bouquet and long finish. Antik Red invokes the aromas of blackberry and toasted bread.
Doluca Classic Series - Villa Red £7.99
Villa Doluca Red-KLASIK (aka LEGEND in Europe) is a dry red wine produced from a blend of three different varietals: Öküzgözü grapes from Eastern Anatolia for Shiraz grapes yielding easy to drink wines, with its vivid ruby color and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes for its fruity flavors and balanced structure. With its fruity, smooth, and complex characteristics Villa Doluca Red KLASIK/LEGEND invokes the aromas of red fruits and spices.
Doluca Kav Series - Ozel Kav Red (Special Res.)£11.99
A Truly special wine, aged exclusively in oak barrels, made from selected grapes of the Marmara and Aegean regions. A full, strong body mellowed in oak, soft and homogenous yet still reflecting the varietal characters of the grapes used.
Doluca Sarafin Series - Merlot£12.79

Merlot grapes developing their own unique softness and giving a rich, fruity and long lasting flavour to the wine. Sarafin Merlot is aged for 12 months in small French oak barrels and the resulting wine is velvety smooth in character with a complex vanillary bouquet.
Kavaklidere Angora Red Wine£7.79
Angora Red which is made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Gamay and Cinsault grapes has a lively red colour and is praised by wine lovers as being a well-balanced, bodied, lightly spicy, fruity, long and fresh wine.
Kavaklidere Classic Series - Yakut Red Wine£7.99
Ruby red in appearance with definitive, cherry and strawberry aromas on the nose. Excellent fruit flavours and ripe tannins contribute to a pleasant, velvety finish.
Kayra Buzbağ Series - Buzbağ Red Wine£8.49
Buzbağ is produced from Öküzgözü and Boğazkere grapes grown in Eastern Anatolia and selected with great care. It bears ripe cherry, sour cherry and blackberry flavours and is soft with a pleasant taste.
Kayra Buzbag Series - Reserve Öküzgözü/Boğazkere 2010£14.99
This special wine is produced from the most eligible Öküzgözü and Boğazkere grapes grown in Anatolia. Owing to the “production in place” approach deriving from the Terroir philosophy and the high tannin content, it can be aged up to 15 years under convenient conditions. It is a full bodied wine with a long finish, leaving blackberry, cinnamon, dark chocolate, caramel, tobacco and fennel aromas on nose and plum, pomegranate and sour cherry flavors on front palate.
Kayra Imperial Series - Cabernet Sauvignon 2008£21.99
Expressive aromas of currents, ripe late summer plumbs, cassis, liquorice, dried herbs and cardamom. With a hanging palate volume that has Jam, Rhubarb, black cherries and caressing tannins
Well intergrated balanced tannins that is slightly understated concentration and firm.
Kayra Terra Series - Kalecik Karası£10.19
Terra Kalecik Karası is produced from finely chosen Kalecik Karası grapes grown in Denizli region. With mellow cherry, plum, raspberry, smoked oak, and cedar flavors; Terra Kalecik Karası is soft and elegant on the palate.
Kayra Terra Series - Öküzgözü Red Wine£8.99
Terra Öküzgözü is produced from finely chosen Öküzgözü grapes grown in Elazığ region. With black mulberry, ripe cherry, violet and raspberry aromas; Terra Öküzgözü has a smooth texture and a lively, lasting and slightly astringent palate. slightly puckery taste, it is a wine you will not want to part with.
Availability: Limited
Kayra Terra Series - Öküzgözü/Boğazkere Red Wine£8.99
This aromatic wine is produced from the Öküzgözü-Boğazkere grapes grown in the Eastern Anatolian region, considered the best-matching grapes grown in Anatolia.
Full-bodied wine with a great concentration of red fruits; a great balance of bright acidity from Öküzgözü and dense tannins from Boğazkere.
Prodom Okuzgozu - Kalecik Karasi (NEW)£18.99
EXCLUSIVE TO TASTETURKEY From the Boutique winery of Gidatay in Aydin.

This wine is produced exclusively from the two most popular Turkish native varietals. A deep ruby colour with intense ripe red berries and cherry fruits aromas. Ripe plum, rich spices and a good tannic structure on the palate. It has beautiful weight and a great texture, with a well-balanced finish.
Prodom Syrah - Kalecik Karasi (New) £21.99
EXCLUSIVE TO TASTETURKEY From the Boutique winery of Gidatay in Aydin.

This wine has a nice intensive ruby colour. The nose is very fresh, showing intense red fruit characters with hints of mint, cloves, and spices with some light minerals. The palate delivers a superb texture of tannins with velvet structure. It has a perfect integration of wood aging with a long pleasant finish.
Diren Karmen Series - Rose £6.99
Karmen Rose is produced entirely from Öküzgözü Grapes. It has strawberry, melon and Banana on the nose. It is perfect matched with grilled meats, salads, pizza and cheeses.

We recommend served between 10-12 Degrees.
Diren Vadi Blush£6.99
Vadi Blush is produced from grapes that are grown in the Kazova Vasfi Diren Foundation’s vineyards. Vadi Blush has a light pink colour, has cherry, strawberry, banana and white peach aromas on the nose. It has an elegant, round and soft palate. This wine is best served at 8 degrees.
Anfora Trio (Pamukkale) Rose£9.99
Wine made from Shiraz, Kalecik Karasi and Cabernet Sauvignon from Guney, Denizli.
Trio gets its name because it is a blend of three grape varieties.
It has a vivid pink colour with red fruit flavours of cherry and wild strawberry.
It is an acidic, fresh, round structured wine.
It matches well with grilled red meats and all kinds of white meats.
Serve at 6-8 degrees.

Barudi Blush - (NEW)£8.49
EXCLUSIVE TO TASTETURKEY From the Boutique winery of Gidatay in Aydin.

A classic blush rose colour, with tropical fruit, grapefruit and mandarin zest on the nose. The palate has a very smooth texture, delicately dry and with a long finish.
Kavaklidere Classic Series - Lal Rose Wine£8.49
A wonderful dry rose, with strawberry and cherry aromas on the nose and crisp clean finish. Lal is produced from Çalkarasi grapes and has a lovely flavour of red fruit, especially strawberry.
Prodom Rose Syrah/Merlot - (NEW)£13.49
EXCLUSIVE TO TASTETURKEY From the Boutique winery of Gidatay in Aydin.

An attractive pale pink colour with aromas of an intense red berries dominated by raspberry and strawberry with a hint of white flower. A very good aromatic persistence on the palate with slight hints of mineral. A balanced level of acidity on the finish.
Kavaklidere Altın Köpük Sparkling Wine£10.99
A sparkling white wine with a fresh fruit driven style, which is light and refreshing. Altın Köpük is the first natural sparkling wine of Turkey produced by “Methode de la cuve close” (second fermentation in tank)” from Emir grapes grown in volcanic soil of Cappadocia. After fermentation, the wine is cooled and kept with the lees (élévage sur lies).
Efe Raki - Classic 70cl£19.99
The Efe Rakı flavour is enriched by using the best quality Anatolian grapes & Anise getting its smooth taste with Bozdag spring water.
Efe Raki is the first private sector distilled Rakı brand.
Efe Rakı was re-launched in July 2008 and renamed Efe Classic, with an improved formula being the first blended Rakı from Turkey.

With its distict bottle design and its taste much enjoyed by those who are fond of classical raki, Efe Raki is continuing to add zest to raki tables.
Efe Raki - Fresh Grapes 35cl£10.99
Efe Fresh Grape Raki is produced from fresh grapes ripening under the Aegean Sun, Efe Fresh Grape Raki has an indespensible taste for Raki lovers with a flavour that appeals to different palates.
The first to be distilled from only fresh grapes and introduced by Efe in March 2005 with a limited production of 100.000 liters.
Efe fresh grapes is the premium and smoother version of Classic Blue Efe.
It was the start of a new range of fresh grapes Raki's in Turkey.
Efe Raki - Fresh Grapes 70cl£21.49
Efe Fresh Grape Raki is produced from fresh grapes ripening under the Aegean Sun, Efe Fresh Grape Raki has an indespensible taste for Raki lovers with a flavour that appeals to different palates.
The first to be distilled from only fresh grapes and introduced by Efe in March 2005 with a limited production of 100.000 liters.
Efe fresh grapes is the premium and smoother version of Classic Blue Efe.
It was the start of a new range of fresh grapes Raki's in Turkey.
Nash Turkish Vodka 37.5% - 100cl bottle (New) £14.99
The Ethyl alcohol produced by this company is not only used for Rakı, but for the limited production of some Nash Vodka.
Tekirdağ Raki 70cl - in its Classic & Nostalgic Bottle (Limited Stocks)£19.99
Step back in time....In its original nostalgic bottle and produced from the best aniseed and grapes of Turkey, with its soft palate and unique taste, Tekirdağ Rakısı has gained the admiration of all rakı lovers, including female consumers.
Tekirdag Raki 70cl£21.49
The story of Tekirdağ Rakısı begins with the grape and aniseed that is used in its production arriving at the distillery. After the fresh grapes and raisins are cut into pieces in the cutting machines they are placed in tanks with water, and şıra, the grape juice, is prepared. Pure yeast is added to the şıra placed in tanks to start alcoholic fermentation. This process produces the ‘suma', which carries the unique aroma of grapes which have been distilled until the alcohol content is 94,5 %.
Tekirdag Raki Gold 70cl£25.99
Like Tekirdağ Rakı, 100 % suma is used in its production. The suma used is carefully selected fresh grape suma.
Topkapi Fresh Grape Raki 35cl - (NEW)£8.99
Imagine the splendour of the Palaces of Istanbul, which won the admiration of even the European Palaces that lived through Renaissance. Its harem with its perfectly beautiful women from different parts of the world, its chambers with carpets made of the most qualified silk, its pantries full of the most expensive spices and storable food, its meals cooked by the cooks who were involved in a cooking vying, music nights in the harem enchanting the people of the palace, its caftans ornamented with expensive stones symbolizing majesty and power… And now imagine all those pleasure, beauty, flavour and glitter distilled to Turkish rakı…
Topkapi Fresh Grape Raki 70cl - (NEW)£16.99
Snow waters of Bey Mountains flew with the grapes on the mountains and the plateau anise. The drink has been bottled after being carefully distilled in traditional copper alembics so that its taste is the same on any day of the year. And you are left with the enjoyment and conversation of it.
Topkapi Raki 35cl - Classic (NEW)£8.49
NEW to the UK Market

This excellent Raki production started in January 2009. In accordance with their marketing strategy, their products are sold both in domestic and foreign market and receive significant appreciation for their quality. They have made noteworthy progresses towards the aim of branding in a very short time, and they have already placed their products on the shelves of many big traders.
Topkapi Raki 70cl - Classic (NEW)£14.99
NEW to the UK Market

This Raki and vodka production started in January 2009. In accordance with their marketing strategy, their products are sold both in domestic and foreign market and receive significant appreciation for their quality. They have made noteworthy progresses towards the aim of branding in a very short time, and they have already placed their products on the shelves of many big traders.
Yeni Raki 35cl£11.49
A convienient half size Bottle.
Yeni Rakı is lot more than just a brand; in the eyes of its consumers it has earned a position synonymous with rakı itself.
Yeni Raki 70cl£20.99
One of the most loved and consumed beverages of Turkey; Yeni Rakı has become an irreplaceable part of our entertainment and eating culture.
Collection Series - Narince£7.79
This wine is made from a local grape Narince, growing in Tokat region. Drinking this wine between 8 and 10 degrees you may appreciate its structure, freshness and fruitiness like citrus flavours balanced by a hint of wood. Narince should match with all kind of grilled, panned and steamed fishes, sea foods and cheeses.
Karmen Selection White - NEW£11.99
Diren's legendary brand Karmen Selecton is back! The grapes which vitialzed Karmen Selecton were exclusively cultivated, fermented and bottled.
Anfora (Pamukkale) Sauvignon Blanc£10.99
Produced from vineyards around the winery on the plateau of Guney.
This Sauvignon Blanc has an intense fruity apricot, pineapple, and nectarine like nose.
The mouth is very fresh and well-structured with a long and mineral finish.
It should be served at 10-12 degrees with seafood, salmon, salads, seafood or chicken pasta, goat’s cheeses or sushi.

Anfora Trio (Pamukkale) White £9.99
Produced from the vineyards around the winery on the limestone plateau of Guney.
Trio gets its name because it is a blend of three grape varieties. Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Narince.
The roundness of the Chardonnay, the structure of the Narince and the freshness of the Sauvignon gives us a rich mouth with and a complex aroma of apple, pear, pineapple and grapefruit coming along with a mineral finish. It recommended to be served at 10-12 degrees and with any kind of fish, fresh cheese, cold vegetable dishes made with olive oil.
Barudi Chardonnay-Misket-Narince - (NEW)£8.49
EXCLUSIVE TO TASTETURKEY From the Boutique winery of Gidatay in Aydin.

With a slight citrus colour and lime, rose, orange flower character on the nose. Clean, fresh and a crispy palate, showing fresh persistence with a lot of floral character and good balance, a delightful finish.

Diren Collection Series - Chardonnay £7.99
This wine is a light bright yellow, a mixed of bananas, lemon and apple aromas on the nose with a round fresh mouth.
Matches with any kind of fish, seafoods, cheddar cheese or fresh white cheese with a creamy sauce pasta.
With an ideal serving tempreture at 6-8 degrees.
Diren Karmen Series - White£6.79
This wine is the blend of Narince grape from Tokat region and Sultaniye grape from Aegean Region. Narince brings structure, freshness and citrus flavors as Sultaniye grape brings roundness, pineapple and melon flavors. Must be served chilled at 8 degrees with sea foods, grilled or panned fishes, cheeses.
Diren Vadi Dömisek Narince£7.99
*** Special Trade Offer £4.75 +Vat ***
Contact 0844 567 5701 or 07547 366 770 for details.

A semi-sweet wine produced from the Narince grape. It has a good balance of acidity, sugar and freshness make this wine a sweet fruitful interesting challenge for oriental foods, blue cheeses, spicy meals. Recommended to be served at 6 - 8 degrees.
Doluca Classic Series - Villa White £7.99
A balanced blend of Sultaniye grapes which yield fruity, refreshing and crisp wines and juicy Semillon grapes with a delicate aroma, Villa Doluca White, is a crisp, refreshing, light white wine with strong acidity. Villa Doluca White invokes the aromas of pineapple, grapefruit, green apple and lemon.
Doluca DLC Series - Narince£9.89
A refreshing wine which embodies the unique aromatic characteristics and vibrancy of Narince at its optimum.
floral and fruity flavors of this young wine, the narcissus jonquil flower, jasmine, grapefruit and orange aromas are felt at the forefront.
Kavaklidere Angora White Wine£7.79
Angora White is produced from Sultana grapes grown in Denizli to reveal the distinctive aromatic character of the “Sultana” grape. This wine is delicious, rich flavoured, lively and well-balanced on the palate.

It is best served at 6-8° C and matches perfectly with grilled fishes, grilled chicken, sea food, fresh cheeses and salads.
Kavaklidere Classic Series - Cankaya White Wine£7.99
Click to view tasting notes from Janice Robinson MW.

Strong citrus and floral aromas on the nose with clean crisp finish on the palate. Suited to white meat, fish and salads.
Kayra Buzbağ Series - Buzbağ Narince Emir£7.89
Two proud Native Turkish grapes blended to create Buzbağ bring the concept to this white blend of Narince and Emir. Each varietal lends itself to the greater whole, the delicate aromas of Narince lift the rich texture of Emir to a greater sensory evolution.
Pamukkale Senfoni Series - Sultaniye£7.79
Wine made from the sultanina grapes from Denizli.
It is a round and well balanced winewith linden and citrus aromas.
It matches well with any fish, some cheese and white meats.
Serve at 6-8 degrees.
Prodom Misket - (NEW)£15.99
EXCLUSIVE TO TASTETURKEY From the Boutique winery of Gidaday in Aydin.

Tasting Notes: There is a classic and intense expression of Muscat beautiful fresh flowers on the nose, hints of rose, lilac and honeysuckle flower. On the palate, aromatic explosive blend of white flowers, lilac and terpene. It has great length with a huge aromatic persistency.
Prodom Narince/Chardonnay - NEW£13.99
EXCLUSIVE TO TASTETURKEY From the Boutique winery of Aydin.

The nose has beautiful white fruit aromas with pear, peach, apricot and melon.
Creamy touches with some spice coming from the lees aging and barrel fermenting.
Vinkara Doruyk Sauvignon Blanc 2010 - NEW£8.99
NEW - Limited Stock Available

Tropical fruit flavours accompany the dominating green apple resulting in a wine which has strong acidity and is soft to drink and has a smoked aroma as a result of fermentation in oak barrels.

The vineyards are located 715 m above sea level and the Menderes Stream runs through the center of the terrain.
The mountainous and highland region is partially covered with forests. It is hot and dry during the summer and cool and rainy during the winter, with a high of 40ᵒ C in the summer and -10ᵒ C during the winter.
Efes Pilsener 330ml Bottle x 24£29.99
Efes Pilsener pours a rich, honey-gold colour - crystal clear with a steady stream of sparkly bubbles rising to form a wispy head of white foam. With citric tones of mostly lemon and a hint of orange, this is enhanced by a sense of honey. There is a subtle touch of toffee and biscuit with a delightfully smooth and clean finished.
Efes Pilsener Draft Beer 500ml x12£28.99
Turkeys fastest growing Efes brand.
This unique pack filled with Draught Efes is NEW to the UK.
Semi pasturised to ensure that fresh just-brewed flavour.
Izmir Beer 330ml Bottle x 12£15.99
Izmir Pilsener is brewed using traditional brewing methods with 100% brewing Malt, it has a slightly longer brewing period than most standard lagers that helps bring out the full flavour of the beer. It has a light straw colour, a sweet malty aroma with soft bitterness and a clean finish. Conforming to the Reinheitsgebot purity laws it is truly a beer to compliment any traditional Turkish cuisine.
Kavaklidere Ancyra Series - Öküzgözü Red Wine£9.89

"Ancyra", worldwide known ancient name of the capital city Ankara is given to our red wine produced from the distinctive Eastern Anatolian red grape variety “Öküzgözü”. Ancyra Öküzgözü is delicious, mouth filling and long wine on the palate with intense red fruits aromas of “Öküzgözü” grape. This wine is best served at 14 -16 °C and matches perfectly with pizza alla Turca, grilled red meats, Bolognese pastas, cold red meat plates and lasagne.
Kayra Vintage Series - Öküzgözü 2010£20.99

Kayra Vintage is a serie that we created by focusing on the qualities of the harvest. The character of the wine is identified with sunlight, rain and wind as well as endless efforts of human cultivating the vineyard. Each wine in this series reflects a certain time interval in the vineyard. The conditions during this time frame will never be repeated and thus, the result is very distinctive.